Strategic business decisions through Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an idea diagram that enhances and supports self thinking and generating ideas. This tool enables one towards creative thinking, planning and thus arriving at a problem solving. Every project management has this tool in the planning stage. A problem is identified and various thought and ideas are generated to arrive at the causes of problem and feasible solutions.


Mind maps are initially sketched onto your brain and you put them either on a paper or software. These ideas are not planned in advance. They just come into one's mind and it is a dynamic way of generating thoughts and planning thereafter. The results thus achieved are bigger and much more effective. Stimulation of ideas happens continuously through imagination and association of thoughts.


While talking in project management terms, the mind mapping is a tool which acts as an effective brain storming tool. One can visualize and classify idea. They can develop a structure like trees and branches for an effective problem solving and decision making. In most projects, this tool is also an effective time management tool. There are various tools that are available for you to create mind maps electronically.


Project managers use this tool to keep track of the project status including financial, risks, issues, work adherence, etc. These mind mapping tools are also compatible with different applications such as word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, etc. The best way to use this tool is to integrate it to a department level so that they can be consolidated for the project at the end.