MindManager 8, the Best Mind Mapping Software


Mindjet MindManager 8 is a visual mapping software. This has been the leader in this field for more than a decade, chosen by millions of people to meet their mind mapping and information mapping needs. 

With Mindjet MindManager 8, you can create visually organized and compelling maps. You’ll be able to become more efficient and understand the information more easily. You’ll be able to understand complex issues in lesser time. This mind mapping tool will greatly enhance team communication! It also works flawlessly with Microsoft Office Integration. 

MindManager helps you create MindMaps that will help you manage information, become organized and communicate your ideas. Traditionally, mind maps are used by strategic planners, business leaders, educators, project managers etc, in order to efficiently plan various tasks and also to communicate thoughts to others. 

For most of the people, visual reminders help remember a vast quantity of information. Like it has been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Humans have a tendency of associating simple visual stimuli with complex information. This is the very essence of this mind mapping tool. 

MindManager has been the leader in this field, and for a reason. Associate yourself with MindManager 8 and you will be amazed by all its benefits!